Here’s why the India Waale should be a part of your dream squad!

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24 October 2019

Here’s why the India Waale should be a part of your dream squad!

When we think about our dream squad, we always want it to be ideal. Each one of us needs a bunch of close friends we can fall back on and make fun of, all at once. When in need of a squad like that, the India Waale have always got our backs! Talented, loyal, funny and entertaining, who would miss out on having friends like them?

Here are a few reasons why the India Waale should be a part of your special squad!

Charlie – The Mastermind

We’ve always wanted someone like Charlie in our squad. He’s savage. He’s handsome. He’s smart. He’s loyal and emotional –  Charlie is a friend that we all desperately need! Be it planning out events or keeping the squad together at all times, he’s literally goals!

Mohini – The Group’s Diva

With passion and talent, Mohini is that friend who will keep you grounded at all times. Out of everyone, she’ll make sure to support and push you, even if it means giving you “the speech”. Also, a tinge of glamour is always an add-on!

Nandu – Life Of The Party

With his power-drinking and special snake dance, Nandu can add life to any party. Let’s face it, it’s his unique sense of humour that makes him stand out. With him by your side, you sure as hell will be entertained 24/7!

Jag – The Squad’s Protector

We all need some rescuing from time to time. In desperate times like these, a saviour is who we wish for. Want to sneak out? Call him. Goon-trouble? Call him. Sad mom? Definitely call him!

Tammy – The Real Sweetheart

Raise your hand if you, too, fell in love with Boman Irani as Tammy! This mumma’s boy is a softie at heart, but surely knows how to take a well-planned revenge! A confidante, all the group’s secrets are safe with him.

Rohan – Geek Alert

Every squad must have an underdog – an extremely brilliant nerd, who does all the dirty work. You won’t have to worry about Rohan because he’s too good at what he does. Who wouldn’t want such a cute geek as their best friend?

Good looks, passion, strength, humour, tech-help, charm, talent; the list goes on! With these six friends by your side, you’re definitely hitting a jackpot!

On the fifth anniversary of Happy New Year, watch this entertainer with your friends and fall in love with Charlie’s angels all over again! Also, don’t stop wishing for A-1 squad members like them!

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