6 love lessons we learnt from Raj and Priya of Chalte Chalte

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13 June 2019

6 love lessons we learnt from Raj and Priya of Chalte Chalte

Chalte Chalte, a heartwarming story about the journey of two lovers, changed the perspective of love amongst youngsters since its release day.

This movie broke the flow of commonly made happily-ever-afters and told us that love is actually not just a bed of roses. Raj and Priya’s relationship was hit by a series of mishaps and rough patches before both of them realized that it takes two to make things work. This movie painted a noticeably realistic picture about relationships and love at a time where marital problems were unheard of.

This 16th anniversary, let’s learn five heart-warming lessons from Raj and Priya’s fascinating journey of love.


  1. Love can happen anywhere, anytime.

Chalte Chalte succeeds at making us realize that love can enter your life in the most unexpected way. Raj and Priya cross paths on a road crash in the middle of nowhere and Raj is instantly mesmerised by her. Should we call this love at first ‘site’?


  1. True love will find you, no matter what.

Irrespective of how far you run away from love, it will find you. Love is devoid of reasons and logic. Raj taught us that cliche ways would never block the path of love. Remember how he found Priya after losing her number?


  1. Love knows no boundaries.

Raj and Priya taught you that your one and only will pursue you unconditionally and tirelessly. Be it following you to the far end of the globe, or breaking off an engagement to be with you. Love does not restrain itself or hold back.


  1. If you and your partner don’t fight, are you even in love?

What’s a relationship without disagreements? Be it Raj’s carelessness or Priya’s continuous complaints, the couple got into numerous fights because of their contrasting views. Amidst all the confusion and disappointment, they made a point to find a solution for every problem. In the end, a solution is what would solve everything.


  1. Love is so much more than romance.

Real love isn’t the fluttering feeling you have in the pit of your belly. It’s a gut feeling that your loved one will show up when you need them most. It’s about partnership, understanding and patience.



  1. True love gets through all hurdles.

The story of Raj and Priya is an ideal example of love winning against all odds. When Raj’s transport company faces a huge financial issue, Priya helps him out. When Raj upsets Priya, he makes conscious efforts to make it up to her. The couple goes through a series of ups and downs in life, but each time they emerge to be stronger and closer. Isn’t that what love ought to be?

Love is so complicated, yet simple. It just needs two people willing to try to make things right. Chalte Chalte not only showed us a super hit chemistry between Raj and Priya, but it also taught us some important and often ignored love lessons. This couple’s entire relationship, falling in love, getting married, having countless arguments and developing a stronger bond, won over the hearts in no time. Precisely summing up the movie, is a lesson that Johny Lever’s character extends – “Ek zindagi, ek ladki, ek mohabbat aur ek gaana.”

Watch the full movie here:

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